bMEN, be strong!

I am the everyday man of the world. I was brought up to be strong, to not cry and not care for my body beyond the customary gym workout. My friends and I work hard and play hard. The sun, sand, wind and sweat are my constant companions. Then as I grew older and had a family of my own to look after, my story was all about long drives, transatlantic flights, airport food, late nights and TV dinners.

I can’t ignore the call of my laptop or the ring of my cell phone. Everything is always important and urgent. I never seem to make it to the second quadrant that Stephen Covey talked about – “Important and not urgent” such as relationships, time for myself and a few moments of conscious “non-doing” every day. And, the funny thing is, everything I have ever done and thought about somehow shows up on my skin! The elements, the food, the constant stress and worry, the relentless march of time – they have all left their mark on me and it’s on the skin of my face and my hands mostly.

One day I decided that it was time to turn my life around and really spend my time and resources where they matter the most. Truth be told, it is only now that I have figured out what matters to me the most. It is my wife, my children, my grandchildren and finally of course, myself. I now take every opportunity to be with myself, pamper myself, my body and my skin. It was during this time that I found bMEN.

On a typical morning, I am up from a full night’s sleep, refreshed and re-energized, rearing to go. I am also looking forward most to my morning ritual, my appointment with bMEN. bMEN makes me feel calm, centered and powerful. To every man out there fighting it out in today’s world – I invite you to try bMEN. Feel good, look nice and reclaim your power. More power to you and to me.

Note: The bMEN color is inspired by the Black Onyx stone, the stone of power. It is believed that it protects the wearer from negative energy and is considered a potent charm both for self-mastery, self-protection and power.