I want to be beautiful, beautiful ME. I was born beautiful but what happened between my birth and this moment that I do not look or feel beautiful anymore? I am the everyday woman – born in hot and cold climates, growing up in cities big and small. My lifestyle, daily stress and the environmental elements have robbed me of my natural beauty and age may have begun to put its imprint on me. I now want to regain my youthful look and restore my skin to its natural splendor.

Firstly, is it even possible for me to look beautiful again? And, if it is possible, then is it possible to do so without poisoning my skin and body with toxic chemicals? I also do not want to use products that were heartlessly tested on animals or made from ingredients processed by children. I do not want to buy products that were made from ingredients bought at throw away prices from helpless farmers who had no choice but to accept a raw deal. I definitely do not wish to use products that were made from animal, fish or bird derived or human origin ingredients! Also, I am wary of freshly minted products that claim to be free of toxic chemicals but on close inspection they turn out to be full of just that.

For every new ingredient and technology fad in the marketplace there is a plethora of skin care lines to choose from. They spring up every day like grass after heavy rains and they make tall claims and try to confuse me. Whether I choose this product or that product, in the end, it seems it’s always a compromise – in terms of ingredients, effectiveness or ethics.

I have been in this limbo for a long time and meanwhile the environmental elements, passing time and stress continue their onslaught on my skin and that beautiful person I used to see in the mirror continues to elude me. I need change now. I am ready. I want to bring back my childlike wonder, the youthful joy,the lightheartedness and the positivity.

I have been looking for a line that is free of toxic chemicals, free of sneaky preservatives and free of everything that can hurt me in the long run. I am looking for a line that has been intelligently formulated, lovingly made and tested by thousands of customers over many years and has proven itself to be safe and effective.

Finally, it would be great if the people behind the product were men and women of science steeped in ancient wisdom and whose hearts are full of love and compassion for people and animals. I thought that dream would forever remain a dream and I would grow old and wither away before I could find anything remotely close to what I wanted.

Miracles do happen and dreams do come true! Now, I need not worry…I have discovered “beautiful ME.” I can be beautiful again, beautiful ME, naturally with bME! The truth is out. I am beautiful inside and out…with bME. I am happy and in harmony with nature.

Note: The bME color is inspired by the Turquoise stone. In many parts of the world it is believed that turquoise absorbs poisons and protects the wearer. Native American Legend has it that turquoise stone carries the vibration of protection, self- confidence and positive energy.