I recently purchased your skincare products at the Scottsdale Wholefoods Market and I wanted you to know that I just Love the bME Rose Wash and it makes my skin feel so clean and moisturized. Thank you for making a toxic free skincare product I look forward to trying other bME products.
– Carrie B.

Thank you for helping me I have dealt with bad acne for years. I tried other products it burned my skin so bad caused me to have hyperpigmentation I even went to the dermatologist and still breaking out. I have spent thousands of dollars on so many different products and treatments. After speaking with you and you took so much extra time with me explaining about all the facts about inflammation and how my skin is reacting to toxic agents. I purchased the Blemish Control Products and when I washed my face the first time with the Salicylic wash I could feel the difference immediately my face did not peel or get red like all the other products I have used in the past. I got so excited I put on my twitter account also my before and after photo in just 1 week clear skin and I had over 182 friends ask about bME. This product is a life changer for me Yes, I am so excited and emotional if you have been through what I have been through with acne then you need to try bME!
– Jessica B.

I absolutely Love the bME Bio Active Vitamin C Serum really the best vitamin C I have ever tried my skin feels so smooth and Beautiful!
– Linda P.

Dear LynnAnn, Thank you so much for always being so helpful with us at Whole Foods Market , especially with our Team Members and Whole-body shoppers. We look forward to every time you come with such Love and positive energy we learn so much you have incredible knowledge in skin and body care and I cherish you so much. Please feel to demo bME and bMEN anytime we Love You.
– L.L

LynnAnn- Wow the bME products are incredible really love the packaging it is perfect size for travel as you know I travel for business all over the world and it is hard to find a great product that can travel with me. So thankful that we met at Whole Foods Market!
– Claire

Hello- My Husband is a Cowboy and has very sun damaged skin from being in the Arizona Sun. He is not the type to fuss about his looks so getting him to try anything is not easy. He really liked what you had to say about inflammation and the importance of keeping your skin healthy. We both Love the bMEN in has perked up the Cowboy he is kind of cute now that he has shed all that thick skin!
Think I will keep him. Thank you
– Mindy & Skip